10 Facts About ‘Juuling’ And Why Parents Should Be Concerned About This Dangerous Trend

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Juul is a premium brand of e-cigarette that is often called the iPhone of vaporizers. Unfortunately, the product has become popular among high schoolers, and this is a dangerous trend. The product can be quite addictive. However, many teens have the misconception that premium brands of vaporizers are safe to use. Here are 10 of the most serious vaping dangers associated with this product:

1. Additives In The Products Could Be Harmful:

Many people have a misconception that the products do not contain additives, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are numerous artificial additives in the product. Some of the additives may have dangers that have not been discovered yet, such as carcinogenic properties.

2. E-Liquids Often Contain High Doses Of Nicotine:

The only difference in the nicotine dosage of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is that electronic cigarettes give a measured dose of nicotine. However, the nicotine dosage in electronic cigarettes can be just as high as conventional cigarettes. This means that they have the same addictive potential as cigarettes. If someone becomes addicted to nicotine, they often suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to stop consuming it. These are some of the most common nicotine withdrawal symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty concentrating

Each pack of e-liquid contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. This is the equivalent to 200 puffs of a cigarette.

3. Some Teenagers Are Unaware That They Contain Nicotine:

An astonishing 37 percent of teenagers are unaware that these products contain nicotine. Some even identify using Juul e-cigarettes as different from vaping. In fact, around 25% of teenagers do not consider using them to be vaping. They even have their own name for using them. They refer to it as Juuling instead of vaping.

4. The Products Have An Appealing Scent:

Many teenagers avoid starting a nicotine habit due to an aversion to the smell of cigarettes. However, this is not a concern of teenagers who are considering using these electronic cigarettes. This is because these products have sweet flavors like mango and creme brulee. As a result, teens may be more likely to use them and become addicted to nicotine.

5. They Can Be Easily Concealed:

The products are extremely small, and they can easily fit in pockets. In fact, they have an appearance that is similar to a thumb drive. Not only does this make teenagers more likely to try them, but it makes it more difficult for adults to know if they are using them.

6. Nicotine May Impede Brain Development:

High-schoolers have brains that have underdeveloped regions that are responsible for impulse control and risk assessment. If these areas of the brain never fully develop, an individual may continue to make poor decisions as an adult. It also may increase teenagers’ risk of developing a mental illness in adulthood.

7. Harmful To The Respiratory System:

Electronic cigarettes can cause progressive damage to the tissue in the lungs. In addition, they can cause irritation in other regions of the respiratory system, such as the nose. While they might not appear to be as “harsh” as tobacco smoke, the progressive damage to the respiratory system that can occur from using them can be similar.

8. The Risks Have Not Been Thoroughly Studied By The FDA:

E-cigarettes are not FDA regulated. Not only does this mean that the risks have not been fully studied, but it also means that the FDA does not consider using them is a safe way to attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, the lack of regulation means that there are no ways to know for sure the ingredients in vape juice. Therefore, there could be vaping dangers that haven’t even been discovered.

9. Harmful To The Cardiovascular System:

Nicotine is damaging to both the heart and blood vessels. This effect is likely to be a particularly serious concern for teenagers who already suffer from heart problems. Nicotine intake has been shown to increase an individual’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

10. More Likely To Make Other Poor Decisions:

Teenagers who begin using electronic cigarettes might become more inclined to try other substances, such as alcohol or even illegal drugs. This could result in addiction and could even be life-threatening.

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