New Sleek And Discreet Hearing Aids Available For Veterans


Signia, a New Jersey-based company that makes hearing aids for active military and veterans recently announced in a press release that audiologists within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can obtain their newest hearing aid, called the Styletto X. Dubbed “the most complete hearing experience,” the new aid is described as the sleekest and slimmest device on the market, with modern, contemporary design and powerful functionality.

Also available through the Department of Defense and the Indian Health Service, the new Styletto X uses Signia’s Xperience technology platform, which is guaranteed to improve listening ability in any situation. This includes the ability to be able to hear better in difficult situations, for example, when engaged in exercising or other moments when the user is moving. The Styletto X promises “revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors” along with exchangeable receivers to treat a wide variety of hearing loss. The technology is also Bluetooth compatible, featuring a portable charging case and wireless charging technology.

Users of the device are able to recharge the hearing aids simply by placing the pocket-sized charging case on the wireless charging pad. Signia was the first hearing aid brand to introduce this specific type of wireless charging technology. A major benefit of this technology is that veterans no longer have to mess with challenging tiny batteries and inserting bulky, unsightly wires into a charging port. Veterans with dexterity challenges will be able to use the Styletto X much more easily than bulky, unsightly hearing aids.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are the two most common types of disabilities in active military and veterans. The Styletto X also addresses tinnitus with three different built-in treatments. In clinical trials of the new hearing aid, 75 percent of participants with tinnitus reported experiencing an improvement in thoughts and emotions. The participants also experienced improved sleep quality and concentration.

With Covid-19 increasing the number of people experiencing tinnitus, Signia is offering its TeleCare solution, which enables audiologists to connect with veterans via phone, video, or text-based chats to “discuss their success or challenges and fine-tune their hearing aids in real time.” TeleCare is available through the Signia app on smartphones and other devices that can connect to Wifi.

Also available through the app is the Signia Assistant, a virtual assistant that provides 24/7 support to make automatic adjustments and address common issues. One additional novel technology offered by the Signia brand is a Face Mask speech recognition mode.

To learn more about the Styletto X hearing aids, visit here.

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